Every team has fans and Field A Team wants to give them the credit they deserve! The FAN app is where the fun begins, allowing dedicated supporters to follow the progress of their local youth teams. The Fan app also works as a player interface, allowing players to RSVP their attendance for games and keep in contact with the team coach.

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Streamline and automate the administration activities of being a coach. Improve communications with parents and players. Provide data to manage team line-ups and help develop players.

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Learn more about the amazing features of the Field A Team Fan App by watching our instructional videos.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need internet access to use Field A Team?

2. Do the Field A Team Apps cost any money?

3. What devices are supported?

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5. How do I get my child's team to use Field A Team?

6. How do I learn how to use Field A Team?

7. How do you protect my privacy and personal information?

8. Do I have to enter my team data from my smartphone?

9. How many teams and sports can I setup on the Field A Team coaching app?

10. How do I let other coaches in my league know about Field A Team?