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Field A Team is not just for sports! Our apps and activity management system works just as well for non-sporting activities and after-school clubs. You don’t have to be a team, just a group or class of some kind! Our registration system will help you to manage your bookings and participants.

Enjoy simplified registration and payments, easy data management and streamlined communica-tions. Whether it is a dance academy, swimming lessons, drama club, boy scouts or girl guides - whatever group activity it is, we can help you to manage it from your mobile!

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Organization registration
Get off to a record start with Field A Team's super fast and easy-to-use registration system - Saving time, paperwork and hassle for both your organization's participants AND parents. We look after the admin, so you can concentrate on growing your organization.


Easy Payment Collection


Accountability and Audit Trail

No Paperwork

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Organization Management
Field A Team simplifies the management of your organization. The Organization Management System integrates with the Organization Registration System allowing you to immediately view and sort of the information captured.

If you are not using Organization Registration System, you can still simplify your life by assigning team leaders and participants while coordinating, event locations and schedules. You can even send out e-blasts to all participants to keep communications flowing seamlessly.


Real Time Access to Data

Event Scheduling

Email and Download Data

Participant Groupings

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